Precast Concrete Curing

The Chameleon Retractable Kiln is your all-in-one, curing & work shelter solution!

Works exceptionally well with steam, fogging & misting systems.

  • Improve the quality of your precast product.

  • Increase the speed of your production.

  • Reducing your maintenance expenses.

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What is a retractable curing enclosure?

  • Fast, low labor, telescopic enclosure that effortlessly retracts and extends to give access and protect the product/forms in minutes.
  • Building-like protection at a fraction of the cost and footprint. Remember, you still have to tarp within a conventional building. The Rollcov-R™ is a building and a tarp.
  • Vapor-proof & weatherproof barrier to lock in humidity, control temperature and protect the forms, or curing area, from the sun’s radiation, rain, snow etc.
  • Free-standing, self-storing & always anchored. The rail system anchors it to the ground.
  • Manually operated with ease. It only requires one to two men to operate and does not require additional equipment to operate (ie: cranes or lifts). Use the rest of the crew to perform other tasks.