Onsite Commissioning & Installation Services

On Site Commissioning & Supervision

Our technical support team supplies an on-site technician to assist with the Installation of your rolling tarp system. Our technicians are experienced and proficient in all aspects of installation of the supplied system and can assure that all systems and components of the system/enclosure are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements as per our operational manual. We can also provide a full team to do all the installation and provide a turnkey solution.

The commissioning process comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check inspect and test every operational component of the system, from individual functions, until the final handover of the unit to the owner and a customer satisfaction report is provided and signed by the client. This process can provide substantial savings in labor and equipment costs alone.

Terms and Conditions

Step one; contract for the service will include scope of project and timeline. On site, our technicians are responsible for a standard workday of 8-10 hours. Tools, permits, special equipment, and fees are to be supplied by the customer, unless contracted in advance with Chameleon. (If the system has a special, the platform should be in place prior to arrival of the technician. Unless otherwise stated, our technician is not responsible for productivity of the crew or the quality of its work.

Management of the crew is the sole responsibility of the customer. One person who speaks English is required at all international job locations. Safety equipment and their procedures are not the responsibility of the technician. Our technician is not responsible for labor relations (i.e. union disputes) or the delays that they may cause.

Step two; prepare the site for the arrival of the system and the technical representative. The site needs to be clear of obstructions above and below grade.
Our technician will contact you the week prior to arrival to discuss the list of tools, equipment, labor, and schedule for installation

Step three; The technician will train or assist your crew for the specified contract period. Fees provided in the quote covers all services per day per person. Travel & living expenses such as airfare, hotel, car rental, meals, taxies, ferries, airport parking, special expenses for visas, transfers, and special job site training, All ARE INCLUDED IN THE INITIAL QUOTE.

The daily fee continues during the week Monday through Sunday regardless of whether work can be performed on Saturday or Sunday. Travel arrangements and accommodations are to be arranged or agreed to by Chameleon Innovations, or the technician. (Domestic & International flights are to be coach class and the hotel accommodations are to be with a standard hotel chain). All remaining balances will be settled on or prior to the departure of the technician from the job site. There may be some international regions where a service technician is not available.

Step four; a 40% deposit is required for services if this is not part of the initial signed quote.