Chameleon Retractables are the solution for:

  • Outdoor Production & Curing
  • Indoor Curing
  • Aggregate Storage
  • Silica Dust Capture & Control
  • Welding, Material Storage & More!


Our enclosures prevent product defects and shrinkage cracking by:

  • Blocking the wind
  • Blocking the sun
  • Containing humidity
  • Controlling the temperature
  • Preventing temperature gradients

Increase work efficiency by protecting your employee from:

  • Precipitation – Allowing employees to work even in extreme rainfall
  • Extreme heat – Allow employees to work in the shade
  • Extreme cold – Provide a heated work environment before and after pouring


  • Stop air movement around product
  • Contain high levels of humidity
  • Operate enclosure using man-power and not higher cost machines
  • Relocate curing area much more easily than traditional tarps and kilns


Prior to mixing, keep aggregate:

  • Moisture controlled
  • Free of ice/snow chunks

Retract the enclosure to quickly provide access for dump trucks and loaders. There is no need to have a building tall enough to receive a truck or loader because the enclosure can retract.




  • Meets the OSHA Silica Rule with ease
  • Allows control and monitoring of silica levels
  • Limits exposure to only the employees creating the dust

Available Options:

  • Dust Collection Systems
  • LED Lighting Systems
  • Fogging/Misting Systems


How can I get a quote?

We should know the following in order to provide you with a precise proposal:

Interior (length x width x height) clearances.
Location of the project to appropriately calculate appropriate wind and snow loads.
Site limitations:
Overhead clearance restrictions.
Site plans to understand the traffic situation around you forms (a simple sketch or description is completely acceptable)

Do you have any ideas of the Return on Investment of your product?

Here are a few tips for calculating your ROI:

  1. Most of our precast clients have experienced a decrease of 25% in boiler fuel costs.
  2. Our enclosures require approximately 2 people per 50-75ft of length to extend and retract. A 50ft long curing blanket normally requires a team of 6 or more workers plus a crane/lift operator.
  3. Never miss a pour! What is the value of what you are covering? Pour and cure in hot and cold weather conditions without failing. As long as your employees can work, your Chameleon retractable will be ready to work as well.

How long do these enclosure last?

The structures are designed to last indefinitely if well maintained and operated manually for precast applications:

  1. We build the structures out of aluminum and use stainless steel fasteners
  2. We use stainless steel sealed bearings in all of our wheels
  3. The fabric shell has a treatment that provides protection against UV rays and needs to be replaced between 5-10 years. Longer lasting PVDF fabrics are also available.

If the fabric shell is damaged, do we need to replace it?

In most situations, the tarp can be patched as easily as patching a bicycle tube. Glue and fabric can be purchased at most local awning shops. Heat guns can also be used for larger tears.


“We are using these retractable systems on a daily basis and their implementation has significantly reduced our labour costs for both covering and uncovering our products, and has also eliminated downtime due to inclement weather”


“[The sales team] was a great help in the whole process, from getting the buildings designed to their final commissioning. Chameleon’s service was timely, and the product is high quality, all of the parts went together without incident on site. Thank you for all of your hard work, excellent product, and service.”

William S. Harris, PE, Plant Manager, Bayshore Concrete Products

“[The Technical Sales Rep] did an excellent job work with our employees and teaching them how to install and work with your product. He was very professional and we are very pleased that we spent the money to have him come here.”

Peter Schuster, Precast General Manager, Lafarge Winnipeg Precast Division

“Chameleon offers the perfect solution for controlling the curing and cooling of precast concrete structures without compromising the integrity of the product or the manufacturer’s production schedule.”


“Our fuel costs to produce the live steam were enormous, and we also lost a lot of treated water from our steam boiler system. We installed a Chameleon canopy system a week ago and are finding that we have turned down the steam pressure by about 25%.”


“Sales, service, technical assistance and installation exceeded our expectations and I would personally recommend Chameleon to everyone in our line of work.”


“… a bold advance in the production of prestressed and precast concrete… it not only protects the concrete as it cures, but also offers the option to pour year-round despite winter weather conditions detrimental to the curing process.”


“Chameleon worked closely with us during the concept and design phases and provided knowledgeable, hands-on site assistance during installation. I would not hesitate to recommend Chameleon Innovations for any firm seeking retractable tarp solutions.”


“Chameleon offers the perfect solution for controlling the curing and cooling of precast concrete structures without compromising the integrity of the product or the manufacturer’s production schedule.”


“Our new system not only saves money and time in the precast process, it also helps IPC demonstrate its leadership as an innovator in the production process.”

IPC Precast

Let our experience, service and products help grow your business today. Find out how Chameleon can provide solutions to YOUR challenges.