Flatbed Rolling Tarp Systems

Why Chameleon?

Engineered Design

  • Knowledgeable and innovative designs and upgrades engineered to your needs
  • Customize your Chameleon; Van doors, digital photo graphics, double lift bows, and etc.
  • Continually developing and updating our rolling tarp systems
  • Offering upgrades and retrofit guides applicable to our existing systems

Industry Leading Service

  • Largest dealer and service center network in the industry; 45 locations in North America
  • Experienced service centers facilitated with the support, tools and know-how
  • Industry-leading sales and technical support
  • Giving away safety features and upgrades free-of- charge; Standard air-deflector, LED lights, chain rack, reflective tape on tarp/door and more…

Quickest and Safest Rolling Tarps System on the Market

  • Save your time loading & unloading your cargo
  • The Safest system fully operable without putting a foot on the truck or trailer
  • Reduce downtime due to modular design allows quick and easy repairs

Standard Features

Front Tensioning System – No Tools Required;

Quickly open the tarp system without opening the rear door; Do deliveries quicker.

Rear Locks with Tarp Tensioning Adjustment;

Simplest and quickest locking system; Adjust tarp tension when you need or want to.

Headboard Finishes with Aerodynamic Design;

Choose a Smooth Mill Finish or a Gloss Tread Finish at no extra charge.

Standard Integrated Chain Rack;

Keeps your chains organized on the front of the deck.

White Air Deflector or Aluminum Top Plate;

Air Deflector improves fuel economy and tarp longevity; Standard Lighting: 2x LED clearance lights on air deflector or top plate.

Advanced Fabric Technology Design;

Many standard colors available; Standard translucent white roof lets the light shine in; Welded seams not sewn.

Dual-Mudguard Sealing Rail System;

Stops road-spray from entering the load volume. Flexible rubber seals around straps to keep water out.

Wheels & Rail System;

Low-friction wheels with sealed SST bearing; No greasing needed; Small guide wheel for easy 1-person operation.

Rear Door Operation;

Rope-Operation: For quick in-town deliveries; No tool required. Crank-Operation: Rolls onto roof using a crank tool, 100% load height clearance.

Rear Door Sealing System;

Mechanical door clamp system seals/secures the sides of the door better than velcro/buckle systems; 2-stage sealing system along base of the door for a tight seal against snow and road spray.

Easy-to-Repair Modular Structure;

Chameleon is continually making its systems easier to repair; Most of the parts can be couriered to get you back on the road quicker.

Forklift Railguard;

Protect the rails against forklift collision when loading and unloading. Center where you want the forklift to load.

Available Options

Stainless Steel Headboard;

Mirror-like stainless steel skin on a lightweight aluminum structure.

Headboard Access Door;

30”x60” opening with 3-point locking system; Exterior and interior handle. Custom sizes and configurations available.

Customized Air Deflector;

Custom color-matched paint. Custom decals.

Headboard Aerodynamic Kit;

Fuel saving of 2-3%; Pays for itself in 12 months; Do not interfere with turning radius of the tractor.

DOT-Rated Headboard;

58,000 lb rating; Tested according to 49 CFR 393.114 (c) 2. Headboard access door not available on DOT headboards.

Headboard Wraps;

Customize the front of your Chameleon to match your corporate branding or truck. Add color, logos and/or graphics.

Custom Headboard Lighting;

Custom Setups available. Let us know what lighting setup you would like to see.

LED Work Lights;

2 LED floodlights to illuminate your loading space. Custom lighting solutions.

Emergency & Stobe Light Kits;

Customized to your needs.

Adjustable Headboard Vents;

Provides extra ventilation. Gas Transport. Food product transport.

Headboard Shelving;

Customized to your needs. Shelves, trays and more.

Graphics – Stenciled;

Traditional stencils are painted with a flexible anti-fade ink. Easy to clean. Color matching available; In-house graphic design services.

Graphics – Digital;

Less expensive than a billboard and seen by millions. Photo quality printing technology. Affordable in-house graphic design services available.


Aluminum enclosure with stainless steel face. 3/4 Inch amber LEDs.

Double Lift Bows;

Decrease roof folds from 8″ to 3″. Highly recommended if you haul high loads.

Rope Door Lifting Device;

Gas-cylinder powered frame lifts rope operated roll-up door up to clear your high loads.

Hybrid Door Operation;

Provides speed/convenience of rope-operated door and height clearance of crank-operated door.

Van-Style Rear Door;

Standard in White. Color matching available. Decals available.

Rear Door Extension Kit;

Cover a load that extends past the rear of the deck. 10-12in extension. Neatly folds away into rear bow frame when not in use.

Rail Extensions;

Allows access to the entire length of the trailer for extra long loads. Portable – Disassembles to travel with trailer.

Roll-off Stand;

Oversize loads? Roll the tarp system off the trailer and store it with the roll-off stand.

Oversized Heights & Widths;

Inside Height Clearance: Up to 144″ – Inside Width Clearance: Up to 104″

Chameleon has done even larger heights & widths for special projects.