Pointe-Claire, QC – Chameleon Transportations Systems Inc. and Chamtech Systems have amalgamated to offer the greatest selection of engineered retractable enclosure solutions in the world.

Since the 1980’s, Chameleon Transportations Systems has been providing innovative transportation solutions such as convertible bulk trailers and rolling tarp systems for semi-trailers, trucks and rail. With over 30 service centers throughout North America and its ability to ship easy-to-assemble kits worldwide, Chameleon has equipped several thousand trucks and trailers with its reliable rolling tarping systems. These systems are extremely safe to use and allow a single operator to operate the system from the ground thus eliminating the need for labor-intensive and heavy tarps.

More recently, Chamtech Systems has revolutionized the engineered clear span fabric building market with its accordion-like retractable buildings and tents. Chamtech’s ability to maintain a modular and lightweight design has allowed the company to ship large, engineered structures worldwide and maintain a competitively priced solution. Its solutions have revolutionized the way that precast concrete manufacturers cure large precast products and industrial manufacturers prepare, paint and non-destructively test their products.

Chameleon Innovations will be the first company in the world to offer such a diverse line of patented & engineered retractable enclosure solutions including rolling tarps for truck and trailers, concrete curing enclosures, retractable dust enclosures, retractable paint booths, non-destructive testing enclosures, retractable boat houses and more. Visit www.chameleon.ca for more information about Chameleon Innovations and its engineered solutions.

Discover how Chameleon’s latest line retractable paint booths and sandblast enclosures are helping auto bodyshops and industrial manufacturers save valuable workspace, time and maintain adherence to governmental air quality safety standards.

Pointe-Claire, QC – Chameleon Innovations has recently expanded their successful line of retractable enclosures to meet the growing demand for safe, cost-effective and flexible workspace solutions for paint and sandblast applications.

Designed to work with various air filtration systems on the market, the retractable paint booths provide a clean, safe and Chamtech-retractable-paint-booth_thmversatile work area. In industrial manufacturing facilities, they greatly simplify the painting of large, hard-to-maneuver work pieces by providing 360° delivery access. In space-sensitive settings such as auto body shops, valuable floor space is kept available for other work. Benefiting all industries is the elimination of health and safety hazards from dangerous airborne particles and contaminants, allowing compliance with government standards.

The retractable paint booths retract to a fraction of their extended lengths and are composed of a translucent, fire-retardant shell (NFPA 701) mounted to a light-weight rolling Aluminum structure. The front door is designed for incoming air flow filtration requirements and the rear door is custom fitted to any filtration system. The translucent material allows exterior lighting to shine in, eliminating the need for specialized explosion-proof lighting. Additional options are also available including several front door configurations, side skirts to reduce dust infiltration, and the potential of factory preassembly.

Chameleon is excited to be entering this new market and brings with it over a decade of experience, knowledge and engineering expertise in the design of retractable enclosure solutions. For more product information, including photos and videos, Please click here for more information.