Bayshore Concrete

The Challenge

BAYSHORE CONCRETE Products Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of various precastand prestressed concrete structural materials. The Cape Charles, Virginia-based company had been using traditional curing methods involving manual tarping of their forms to retain the necessary temperature and humidity levels. The process of operating their boilers to produce and retain adequate amounts of steam resulted in tremendous annual fuel costs (over $1.2Million/year). Labor costs and safety concerns also presented an issue, as large crews were required to manually cover and uncover the forms. Bayshore sought a solution that would allow them to lower their annual fuel costs in addition to saving on labor.

The Solution

Bayshore Concrete chose Chameleon’s retractable curing enclosures over the traditional, more expensive option of constructing a new clear span building. This solution would provide them with building-like protection at a fraction of the cost and footprint of standard permanent structures.

Project Results

Compiled fuel data for the months of October and November showed a savings of approximately 20% in fuel consumption.
Since implementing the Chameleon enclosure on their girder forms, crews have been able to remain working on days when they would not have been able to work before due to bad weather. The girder crew also appreciated being able to close the Chameleon system, sheltering them from cold and windy conditions.