Dust, Fume & VOC Filtration

Chameleon Retractable Booths

Our Retractable Booths are designed to improve plant air quality while minimizing material handling and optimizing plant floor space:

Dust Control & Filtration

  • Silica dust capture
  • Composite trimming & blending
  • Explosive dust control

Weld Fume Capture & Filtration

  • Retractable weld booths installed in fixed location of plant
  • Mobile retractable weld booths

VOC Containment & Filtration

  • Coating & finishing
  • Lay-up of composites
  • Off-gassing

Available Features

Fabric Types

Clear Fabric

White Fabric

High-Temperature Fabric

End Options


Clear-Span Door with Filter

Clear-Span Door without Filter

Curtain Door – Open

Curtain Door – Closed

Rear Fabric Wall with Filtration Port

Dust/Fume Collection Systems

Ducted Cartridge Dust Collector

Recirculation Cartridge Collector

Wet Collector

Portable Collector

LED Lighting

Explosion-Proof LED Lighting

IP6X Dust-Proof


Why would I want a retractable vs. a typical metal booth?

Retractable enclosures make work areas more profitable and allow superior access to the work zone. This solution is not less expensive than a metal booth nor replaces one. It does, however – in more cases than less – offer a much better return on investment.

Do I need to buy anything else with this booth?

Yes. For media blasting you will need to purchase a dust/fume filtration system in order to filter the dust or fumes so that the operator can breathe safely.

Is the structure corrosion resistant?

The structural components are all aluminum and/or galvanized.

How is the enclosure shipped?

Chameleon retractable enclosures are shipped in kit form by truck. We will provide you with the most economical shipping price available. Just ask your sales representative.

How long does it take to assemble the enclosure?

An indication of assembly time of the enclosure will be provided on your quotation. You will need to hire licensed contractors to hook up the electrical on the dust/fume collector.

Will the blasting media harm the fabric walls?

Direct blast or deflected blast media will damage the walls. This can be avoided by hanging neoprene (rubber) sheets on the side walls, or by using a localized deflector shield or partition around your work piece.

What are your retractable dust/fume enclosures made out of?

All of our blast enclosures are constructed of metal structures and Clear Span heavy-duty, fire-retardant PVC shell (NFPA 701, California Title 19-Section 1237).

Will the exhaust plenum run on single-phase power?

Typical dust collectors come standard with a 3-phase 230/460V/60HZ motor(s). Single-phase motors are also available. Speak to your sales representative on your specific requirements.

What material handling equipment do I need to receive the kit?

Ideally you should have a forklift. If you cannot provide a forklift, you can break open the crates in the truck and unload the pieces one at a time. You will need to make arrangements with the delivery driver if this is the case (extra charges may apply). You must let us know if you will not be able to arrange a forklift at the time of your order.


“The Dust Collection System has certainly done the job for us. The self-cleaning feature is a great time-saver. Money well spent. Our Chameleon representative was very friendly and helpful. No complaints.”

Dennis Davie, Logistics/Safety Manager, E-Pak Manufacturing, LLC